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PARKING MANAGEMENT REIMAGINED is an end-to-end solution that spans from permitting to enforcement. It is designed for multi-unit residential properties including apartments, HOAs, and private property paid lots. 


Metro offers sophisticated car tracking technology to eliminate unwanted vehicles, unauthorized occupants or visitors from your property. Serving North Texas, our team of parking management professionals is committed to ensuring that your customers, residents and registered visitors have exclusive access to the most convenient parking. Metro has the tools, equipment and experience to resolve parking issues and to meet your unique parking needs.


Welcome to the new age of permits.  Our Portal allows you to run your property completely permitless. Make your management office more efficient and eliminate all the work needed to issue and change residents’ parking permits. Make all changes and updates in seconds with the click of a button.


Our virtual permit system can adapt to any parking situation. Here2visit is completely capable of managing resident vehicles, reserved spaces, garage/covered parking, and guest permits.  You have total control of the all vehicles parking on your property. 


  • Secure Interactive Portals

  • Resident Parking Database

  • Automated Violation Reporting

  • Authorized Vehicle Verification

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Increased Parking Compliance

  • Eliminates Unauthorized Occupancy

  • Maximizes Overall Parking Potential

  • Permit & Permit-less Parking Options

  • Customizable Parking Settings

  • User-Friendly Vehicle Registry

  • Unauthorized Guest Detection

  • Hourly to Monthly Parking Periods

  • Free & Pay-2-Park Service Options

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Monetized Parking

Here2Visit can help apartment complexes get a handle on visitor parking areas. Properties are able to control the amount of times a visitor can register and stay. After a visitor reaches the max amount of passes allowed here2visit will charge them a fee that is  set by management. The property will receive 100% of those fees collected.  


Here2Visit was specifically created to optimize your visitor parking potential, reduce unwanted vehicle storage, and eliminate unauthorized occupancy. 

Management teams have the ability to set time limits, Weekly/monthly max pass limits, and access to a complete vehicle history log. 

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